Shandong Eagle-Elite International Co., Ltd.

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About us
    Shandong Eagle-Elite International Co., Ltd is located in Jinan, a beautiful Spring City of Shandong Province. The company founded in 2013 is a comprehensive trading company with good reputation in heavy trucks, engineering machinery and spare parts fields.
      On one hand, we are strategy-partners of XCMG, SHANTUI, KOMATSO, SDLG, Liugong, WEICHAI, DEUTZ --- acting as distributors for their machinery and spare parts. Our business principle is: Efficient, Professional, and Thoughtful. On the other hand, we are also working as an International Trade platform providing all types of services like, foreign trade consulting, training, export broker, etc.. for domestics factories who don’t have exporting qualifications.
       Except for above mentioned machinery & spare parts, we also manufacture Bulldozers by ourselves. We can assembly all types of Bulldozer with Original Spare Parts. By now, we had exported more than 150 sets of Bulldozer to Russia Federation, Central Asia, and South Asia.
       Since 2013, the company has set up sales agencies in seven overseas countries, covering more than 30 countries and regions in Africa, southeast Asia, south Asia, central Asia, Middle East and Russia Federation.
       Shandong Eagle-Elite Int. is willing to be at your service at any time & anywhere in the world.

Our advantages
強大的生產團隊確保產品品質的穩定性。 嚴格的質量檢測體系,科學的工藝流程,確保每一件產品質量通關。先進生產設備確保產品優質,穩定有效的開發和技術創新

More than 25000 kinds of common spare parts covering over 200 types of construction machinery are kept as daily inventory ready for dispatching...

Bulk cargo: 2-5 days

1-4 containers (20’ / 40’): within 12 days

5-8 containers (20’ / 40’): within 20 days

Abundant Inventory

Fast Delivery

Excellent After-Sales

7 * 24 hrs service by qualified & experienced sales-engineers are ready to be at service whenever you need.

3-6 months warranty is granted for all our products.

Experience & Quality

6 years domestics & overseas experience help us understanding what you need & how we could help you. High-quality spare parts & machines ensure the durability & stability for your business.

Engineering case
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Wechat: sddzco
Viber: 15662638207
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